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The company was established in 2015, under the name Kubbafabrikkan Arkitektar, as a side job while working for C.F. Møller Architects as a Constructing Architect and BIM Manager.

Over the years I have been doing small construction projects for family and friends in Iceland, side by side being a full time BIM Manager / ICT Manager at KANT Arkitekter in the ByK Med TRUST office.

With time my focus shifted strictly to BIM and ICT. I have been consulting leading Danish Architect offices and Municipalities since 2018. In that time, I decided to pursue my consultancy and changed my side job into my main job.

In 2021 the company officially changed name to IKTECH.

My focus is to develop and execute BIM strategies, simplify workflows, assisting with ICT-leadership on projects and help upgrading employees competences within the most common software in the industry.


The name IKTECH comes from the words Information Kommunikations Teknologi,

in English Information Communication Technology.




Carpenter, Constructing Architect and ICT leder, who has specialized ind BIM and ICT.


Símon Ólafsson


In 2016 I allied with a colleague of mine and we started together a company called Nordic Pro Solutions. A company that we started with the priority to do cheap and fast 3D scanning and 3D modelling from the output of the scan. At this time not many consultants were offering 3D scanning services nor did many Architects or Engineers have their own equipment to do such. It was manly the Surveyors that were offering 3D scanning services, that were both expensive and very time consuming.
We offered an alternative, that both simplified the Scan 2 BIM process for consultants in the AEC industry and at the same time we could offer much faster and cheaper services due to the technology we used - Matterport services.

In 2019 I went 100% into working as Nordic Pro Solutions and went full on with the Scan 2 BIM services. In the end of the year me and my colleague decided to expand Nordic Pro Solutions with ICT services (information communication technology services), as ICT Management is what we had biggest interest in and we could see that the AEC industry could use independent consultant in that field. We expanded the company with a branch (second name of the company) that we called IKT-lederne ApS. The projects started to tick in and by the end of 2020 and in the beginning of 2021 ICT services were the main services the company was providing.

In the end of 2021 Nordic Pro Solutions ApS became fully integrated part of IKTECH Aps.


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